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« on: February 18, 2006, 10:52:39 AM »

ULX v1.1 has just been released! As always, you can grab it from the download section

For ULX v2, I'm going to completely recode ULX from scratch. PLEASE, if you have any suggestions, post them here. This is your best shot at having your ideas implemented! I will give all ideas serious consideration, do not be afraid to post your ideas even if you think they sound dumb.

Here's the changelog:
Quote from: changelog
[FIX] Save/Load tables works with any extension now ( Don't need .lua )
[FIX] Force download is now much more stable, and is able to figure out if your .res has errors
[FIX] ULX Commands can have plusses or minusses in them now
[FIX] Listen server admin detection is _much_ more reliable now.
[ADD] Config system ( will handle lua commands, even on dedicated server ) - server.ini will execute every map change, and if ulx/configs/maps/<curmap_name>.ini exists, that will be executed as well
[ADD] ULX now handles modules itself
[CHANGE] User system is now read from a different file with a different format, please update your users in this file.
[CHANGE] Weapons menu is cached now, it will not refresh itself every time it's called
[CHANGE] getFilesFromDir now skips readme.txt, somehow it crashes if it's used in _file.Exists() on linux.
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Re: v1.1
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2006, 12:44:37 PM »
Anything changed from the beta version?

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Re: v1.1
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2006, 05:29:38 PM »
I think Megiddo just said he uncommented the weapon menu to show up now.