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Please help :(
« on: June 27, 2017, 03:56:54 PM »
This sub-forum is only for help or discussion regarding projects created by Team Ulysses. If you are requesting help, please search the forums FIRST to make sure your question has not already been answered. If you still need help, fill in the following information.

My ULib/ULX versions (run "ulx version" in console):
ULib v..2.63
ULX v..3.73

Game mode(s) I am having this problem on: Sandbox

Hello everyone!
So, basically this is been for a long time on my dedicated server
it didnt really matter but now more addons have admin entities but for the longest time
i've been superadmin and in users.txt also heres the user.txt

   // This is your users file
   // You can use this file to add people as admins on your server
   // Add them to the relevant section
   // If you're a Lua coder you can add your own sections and use them
   // in your script by doing pl:IsUserGroup( "admin" ) etc

   "PotatoOS"         "STEAM_0:1:104828323"

And now with this addon Red vs Blu It's admin only and im admin on ulx and users.txt but still cant use admin stuff I even took out URS for a while. Still cannot spawn them! Please help anyone!!