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[ENG] -sG-... | M9K | INVENOTRY | VCMOD | RP-Jobs
« on: August 05, 2017, 09:50:19 AM »

How often the server is up

The server is up 24/7. The only downtime we have will be when we do maintenance on the server.

Server homepage

IP address

Garry's Mod Server(DarkRP): - 16 slots, none reserved.
Teamspeak 3 Server: - 32 slots 5, reserved.

Are you accepting new admins/moderators?

Yes. Minimum requirement is: 13h on the server &  16 year old.

A list of addons on the server

Advanced paramedic system
Fire system (Advanced firesystem)
Tow truck driver (it says it all)
Weapon Crafting (Craft your weapon, insted of contacting an Gun Dealer)
NLR system (Remember this is RP)
rphone (Call who you want)
rprint (Printer addon)
rprint controller (Check your printer status via the phone)
vcmod els (Car stuff)
vcmod main (Car stuff)
William's auction house (Sell your cars)
Williams car dealer (Buy cars)

We have worked a long time on this server, and used allot of time to make it something unique from all of the other darkrp servers out there. Therefor we have tried to make the server most like RP.
This means that we only have RP jobs Like Police, Medic, Fire fighter etc..

Join the server and try it out! We will love your Feedback!

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