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Ace Networks Jedi vs Sith
« on: November 28, 2017, 08:52:29 AM »
Ace Networks Jedi vs Sith (This is also the server name)Some server features:
  • SWTOR styled HUD, scoreboard, and F4 menu. They look pretty nice.
  • Jedi order, Sith order, and Eternal Empire.
  • A lightsaber combat system with more force powers, blocking, and animations. If you don't like animations then this server isn't for you... At least not for now.
  • A friendly owner, I don't micro manage everything. Yay!
  • 'Custom' era. Most things are based off of SWTOR but other eras are added.
  • A unique lightsaber with a number of different force powers for each job.
  • You get a lightsaber without actually joining a faction, so you can still duel if no one is on to whitelist.
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