Author Topic: DarklandServers Fortwars is BACK!  (Read 1037 times)

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DarklandServers Fortwars is BACK!
« on: December 06, 2023, 09:14:48 PM »
DarklandServers is excited to announce that we have revived the beloved game mode Fortwars on Garry’s Mod! Darkland consists of a dedicated team committed to classic game modes. We also have an active discord server with over 300 players. Fortwars was first created in 2008 by us and has grown a loyal community of fans over the years.

Fortwars is a FPS game mode that consists of teams fighting for control of the ball while building forts out of props to provide cover. Fortwars is easy to learn and has a surprising amount of strategic depth as well. Gain money by killing enemies, holding the ball, healing allies, and destroying enemy bases!

Fortwars includes:
- 20 classes with unique identities, playstyles, and upgrades
- Over 300 community made maps
- A support team that quickly responds to issues
- A friendly player base
- Developers that listen and incorporate community feedback
- Your favorite class, pumpkinman!

Server address:
Our Website:
Link to discord:

DarklandServers also runs Zombie Survival, Puzzles, Fretta Mini-Games and Extreme Football Throwdown. We also have plans to shortly revive the classic RP we hosted and Sassilization! See the discord group for more details.

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