Author Topic: BLUNTED : Trouble in Prop Town  (Read 556 times)

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BLUNTED : Trouble in Prop Town
« on: March 22, 2024, 08:53:05 PM »
Search for `BLUNTED`  or `Trouble in Prop Town` to find our server! Or connect to ip ``
Discord Server

No more wimpy, boring prop possession.
We're arming the spectators to create an all out prop war in TTT!

As the round progresses, so does the "Prop Hazard". Each stage of hazard introduces deadlier props. Traitors must race against the clock to complete their objective!
You read that right! We allow spectators to take possession of props, and kill the alive terrorists!

Spectators have access to a menu that allows them to spawn in props with various attributes. Every prop has a different strategy and level of lethality.

Code: [Select]
Prop Stats
- Health
- Punch-O-Meter Recharge Speed
- Punch-O-Meter Charges
- Punch-O-Meter Force
- Special Attack

Code: [Select]
Special Attacks
`Throw` - Expend your entire punch-o-meter to hurl yourself at terrorists!
`Burn` - Set yourself ablaze! Spread your flame to terrorists.
`Explode` - You're a bomb. Explode people!
`Magnetize` - The opposite of a discombobulator, suck everything towards you violently!

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