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Captive Roleplay is a brand new Dark-RP Semi-Serious server featuring -

• No Pay2Win or VIP Perks.
• Drug manufacturer including meth, weed and cocaine.
• Potion crafting.
• Bitcoin mining.
• Custom money printers.
• Hitman system.
• Gang system including territory capture.
• Custom jobs including -
     • Vampire job complete with vampire powers.
     • Werewolf job complete with werewolf powers.
     • Mailman with delivery truck.
     • City Maintenance Jobs
     • SWAT and Police
     • Hackers and more.
• Mayor city management system.
• Cars
• Fire system.
• Day/night cycle.
• Wine Making
• Winnable Casino
and much more!

We are currently recruiting staff and admins so please let me know if you're interested. We will always remain a free experience with no pay to win features.

IP is