Author Topic: How do I remove a user?  (Read 6775 times)

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How do I remove a user?
« on: December 30, 2007, 09:30:56 AM »
Method One (NEW as of ULX v3.50)
Open XGUI and click on the "Groups" tab. (Shortcut: "xgui show groups", chat: "!xgui groups"). In the topmost dropdown box, select the group which the user belongs to. Select the user in the list of users within that group, then click "Change->Remove User".

Method Two
In server console or using rcon from game (default), type "ulx removeuser <name>".

Method Three
Open <gmod root>/data/Ulib/users.txt in notepad or another text editor, and remove the block that will look like this:

"(friend's name)"
   (data in here, multiple lines)

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