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Having trouble with access?
« on: September 14, 2006, 06:16:09 PM »
PLEASE note: The following post is for ULib v2+ and ULXv3+.


1. Read the readme.

The readme contains lots of valuable information that you really don't want to miss out on.
The readme files for ULib and ULX would be located in \addons\ folder of the zip file you downloaded, or <gmod root>/addons/ if installed correctly.

2. Read

It contains a tutorial telling you how to add yourself to the access list, follow it.

3. Double check that you put your steamid in correctly. (If you're using steamid)

A lot of people accidently leave a number off of their steamid, ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK.

4. Let ULib rebuild your data files.

Go into your <gmod root>/data/ULib folder. With server shut down, Move or rename your groups.txt and misc_registered.txt files. Restart the server. Once you restart the server, ULib will rebuild them if you followed step 2 correctly.

5. Still can't get it to work?

If you still can't get it to work and are using the Release version make a thread in Help and Support, with ALL of the following information:

A detailed description of your symptoms.

And most importantly, while the user experiencing access trouble is connected to the server, enter this command at the server console and paste the output into your message. Please note that it will output to a file, not to console!
Code: [Select]
ulx debuginfo
Don't bother making a thread unless you have all of this information, you'll probably be ignored

[EDIT] - JamminR Updated link in step 2 - Access list is now a separate article on Gmod Wiki - 5/23/2008
[EDIT] - JamminR Updated link in step 2 - Again - Garry changes his websites almost as much as he changes code that breaks ULX - 9/8/2009
[EDIT] - JamminR Added additional step (4), renumbered current step 4 to 5. Updated step 5 to indicate whether SVN or Release - 9/27/2009
[EDIT] - JamminR Added to step 1 where to find the readme files - 3/5/2012
[EDIT] - Megiddo Removed one no longer relevant line - 3/15/2012
[EDIT] - JamminR Updated link in step 2 - Again - Garry changes his websites almost as much as he changes code that breaks ULX - 5/20/2012
[EDIT] - Timmy Updated step 5 - Removed reference to SVN board - 12/19/2020
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