Author Topic: Why can't I physgun my cars?  (Read 7579 times)

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Why can't I physgun my cars?
« on: March 06, 2016, 01:17:00 PM »
We often see this question, even though we've answered it several times.

First and foremost - none of the reasons you can't pick up cars, or any prop, are directly due to ULX.
1) ULX, out of the box, has nothing to do with props - we only control group access.

Second -
2) TDM doesn't follow group inheritance of ULX - meaning;

a) DON'T create groups higher than superadmin and expect TDM or mods based on it to work -
Background -,6291.0.html

b) Research how TDM/your car mod controls groups -
Background -,8919.msg45556.html#msg45556
Also stated here -,8853.msg45235.html#msg45235

Third, if using DarkRP,
3) Disable FAdmin (we see Fadmin conflict many times with ULX inheritance, even though we've tried to work with Fptje to use CAMI so it wouldn't),8853.msg45249.html#msg45249
DarkRP seems to expect you as a host to create a group named Owner. Again, see 2a background link.

And if the above doesn't help, it's still likely not us - troubleshoot by removing other addons that adjust physgun.
Any prop protection script is likely a good point to start.,9174.msg46921.html#msg46921

Per all the above, though we assist in group control, we've nothing to do with the groups your car mod expects physgun access to have.
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