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General Chat & Help and Support / Re: ULX Commands Not Working
« Last post by HappyFedora on Today at 10:14:11 AM »
Nothing, console works. But the actual ULX menu and the chat commands don't work, they come up with that.
General Chat & Help and Support / Re: ULX Commands Not Working
« Last post by MrPresident on Today at 09:29:14 AM »
What are you trying to type in your console to do this?
General Chat & Help and Support / ULX Commands Not Working
« Last post by HappyFedora on Today at 07:49:46 AM »
So I am trying to make some usergroups for this server, however I can't seem to do it. I have reinstalled ULX + ULib and it seems to have no effect.

Everytime I try and do it, it says the Usage in chat. (e.g: Usage: ulx addgroup <group> [<inherits from>] - Create a new group with optional inheritance.)

My ULib/ULX versions:
ULib v2.63d
ULX v3.73d

Game mode(s) I am having this problem on: DarkRP

Please help.

EDIT: I have tried with a few other commands, they keep giving me the Usage issue.
Developers Corner / Re: I need help with permissions per team
« Last post by KiddleyWiffers on Yesterday at 06:54:16 PM »
For this you need the function to check a player's team.

but in your code you could do something like this..

Code: [Select]
if ply:GetPlayerTeam() == "TEAM_GUARD" or ply:GetPlayerTeam() == "TEAM_CHAOS" then
   >>code to open gate here<<

Obviously you need to replace the ply:GetPlayerTeam() with the function provided by the gamemode for getting their team.

I have been messing with this for a few days and still can't get it to work. This is what I have so far.
Code: [Select]
---[Open gate a]-------------------------------------------------------------------------
function ulx.opengatea(calling_play, should_silent)
    if ply:GTeam() == TEAM_GUARD or ply:GTeam() == TEAM_CHAOS then // Team check for the gamemode
        game.ConsoleCommand("ulx ent_fire gate_containment_door_r open\n") // The two commands I used to open Gate A
        game.ConsoleCommand("ulx ent_fire gate_containment_door_l open\n")

local opengatea = ulx.command(CATEGORY_NAME, "ulx opengatea", ulx.opengatea, "!opengatea")
opengatea:help("Open Gate A (ONLY MTF and CI).")
---[Admin Open gate a]-------------------------------------------------------------------------
function ulx.adminopengatea(calling_play)
        game.ConsoleCommand("ulx ent_fire gate_containment_door_r open\n")
        game.ConsoleCommand("ulx ent_fire gate_containment_door_l open")

local adminopengatea = ulx.command(CATEGORY_NAME, "ulx adminopengatea", ulx.adminopengatea, "!adminopengatea")
adminopengatea:help("Open Gate A as any class.")
The command worked before, but not even adminopengatea is working now, which is just a copy and past of my first command. The ent_fire command opens it when I use it on its own, and the door opens, but the actual commands I have set up for it don't work.
Developers Corner / Re: Stop MOTD from Opening for x Seconds?
« Last post by Zarken on Yesterday at 02:13:38 PM »
Hey, I only have a timer on the custom spawn menu anyhow, so a timer would be perfect. I just cannot find where to put it :S
Developers Corner / Re: Stop MOTD from Opening for x Seconds?
« Last post by JamminR on Yesterday at 12:50:12 PM »
You could use timer.simple, but that probably isn't best method for waiting. It would be better if you use a method to detect when the close button is pressed. Sorry I can't do the research to link how right now, I'm not at my normal computer setup this week.
Developers Corner / Stop MOTD from Opening for x Seconds?
« Last post by Zarken on Yesterday at 10:02:21 AM »
Is there a way to stop the MOTD from opening on "PlayerInitialSpawn" for x amount of seconds?

I'm looking to code my own spawn menu, and dont want the motd to open till after my menu has closed.

Developers Corner / Re: Physgun Freeze Players
« Last post by JamminR on August 13, 2018, 07:51:08 PM »
Whatever gets made would in all likelihood break and or conflict with ULX.
Developers Corner / Re: Noclip auto god and cloak
« Last post by JamminR on August 13, 2018, 07:49:19 PM »
Welcome to Ulysses Mod forums.
We're pretty friendly around here, however, most of us aren't likely to outright do code requests.
We're much more likely to assist if you try to learn how to code for Gmod yourself.
Lua is pretty easy, learning wise, and Gmod Lua adds a few tricks. Combine that with the fact that ULX contains most of the functions you are already wanting, and it would make a great stepping stone to learn from.
Developers Corner / Physgun Freeze Players
« Last post by sir snifflebutt on August 13, 2018, 11:52:52 AM »
could someone make me a code that freezes players when you rightclick while physguning them and doesnt allow them to change jobs for darkrp. but in chat it doesnt say (player) has frozen (player) or (player) has unfrozen (player)
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