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Project: Indigo

-= Are you tired of what CWRP has become? Want to go back in time and experience the laid-back, fun roleplay you experienced years ago? Look no further than Project: Indigo. =-

Our founders, who each bolster 7+ years of experience managing and developing servers, created this server in hopes of revitalizing the CloneWarsRP gamemode and recreating the memories of past years while creating a friend-filled community. Listed below is what we have to offer.


- Polite, respectful, and experienced management and development teams who prioritize the community's voice above all else and listen to feedback to balance weapons, vehicles, and battalions.

- Creative event coordinators who push Garry's Mod storytelling in new and interesting directions.

- Community-driven focus, ensuring that all members of the community, not just staff, have a voice in the direction of the server.

- Many open positions, allowing members to grow and achieve new heights freely and without unhealthy competition.

- A fully integrated ranking system with automatic keycard clearance level updates, allowing for seamless roleplay.

- No Jedi ranks, allowing for a truly non-pay-to-win CloneWarsRP.

- An active and dedicated development team, working behind the scenes to implement new content that the community suggests.

- Custom scripts, fully funded by the founders to create a polished and enjoyable experience.

- Limited battalions which allow everyone to feel as if they have a place and purpose both on-base and during events.

- No mandated lore commanders, allowing commanders and officers to express themselves as they wish.


We are currently looking for experienced staff and event coordinators. We are also in search of professional battalion commanders and officers who will work well alongside our current commanders. Below is our list of open commander positions;

- 501st Attack Battalion

- Shock Security

- 224th Armored and Artillery

- Fleet


We hope you will join us on our adventure to relive the glory days of CloneWarsRP.

Our Website:

Our Discord:

Workshop Link:

Server IP: steam://connect/

Not within ULX, no.
General Chat & Help and Support / Solved
« Last post by [SR] Devaso on June 26, 2022, 04:20:54 PM »
Problem Solved
Post can be Deleted
Releases / Re: Player Chat Tags [2.58v]
« Last post by [GL] David on June 21, 2022, 12:54:28 AM »
When I /advert and // (/ooc) It will not show the [Advert] or [OOC]!\

Is there a fix for this?
General Chat & Help and Support / Chat indicators Images to text
« Last post by Shotz on June 12, 2022, 05:13:01 AM »
Would anyone know how to change the chat Indicators to text instead of an image?

Code: [Select]
local function drawIndicator(ply)
    if not ply:IsTyping() then
        if ply.indicator then
            ply.indicator = nil

    local indicator = ply.indicator
    if not IsValid(indicator) then
        indicator = ClientsideModel("models/extras/info_speech.mdl", RENDERGROUP_OPAQUE)
        if not IsValid(indicator) then return end -- In case the non networked entity limit is hit (still prints a red error message, but doesn't spam client console with lua errors)
        ply.indicator = indicator

    local ragdoll = ply:GetRagdollEntity()
    if IsValid(ragdoll) then
        local maxs = ragdoll:OBBMaxs()
        indicator:SetPos(ragdoll:GetPos() + Vector(0, 0, maxs.z) + Vector(0, 0, 12))
        indicator:SetPos(ply:GetPos() + Vector(0, 0, 72 * ply:GetModelScale()) + Vector(0, 0, 12))

    local curTime = CurTime()
    local angle = indicator:GetAngles()
    angle.y = (angle.y + (360 * (curTime - (indicator.lastDraw or 0)))) % 360
    indicator.lastDraw = curTime


hook.Add("PostPlayerDraw", "DarkRP_ChatIndicator", drawIndicator)
hook.Add("CreateClientsideRagdoll", "DarkRP_ChatIndicator", function(ent, ragdoll)
    if not ent:IsPlayer() then return end

    local oldRenderOverride = ragdoll.RenderOverride -- Just in case - best be safe
    ragdoll.RenderOverride = function(self)
        if ent:IsValid() then

        if oldRenderOverride then

-- CSEnts aren't GC'd.
hook.Add("player_disconnect", "DarkRP_ChatIndicator", function(data)
    local ply = Player(data.userid)

    if not IsValid(ply) then return end -- disconnected while joining

    if ply.indicator then
        ply.indicator = nil

Community Servers / GB Anker Gaming ¦ Clone Wars Roleplay ¦
« Last post by Shotz on June 12, 2022, 04:26:03 AM »
Anker Gaming Clone Wars Roleplay
A new CWRP server looking for new Recruits to fight for the Republic! Below this shows what we offer and will be adding.
Help the team create the next big Clone Wars Roleplay Server.

What we are looking for:
- Active player base
- 6 Commander positions open (must have previous experience)
- Event Planners
- Staff positions (will be open very soon)
- Battalion positions open

What do we offer:
- Every Regiment is joinable through tryouts
- Regimental Spreadsheets to keep regiments in order
- Fun events (when player base is active)

What will be added:
- Wilt-OS for players who want to become Jedi
- Jetpacks for certain Regiments.

Much more will come to the server.
See you on the battlefield!

General Chat & Help and Support / Re: ULX Group help
« Last post by Shotz on June 10, 2022, 01:28:04 AM »
This is the code I need to use to restrict pac3 to certain groups:
Code: [Select]
-- add/change rank names here in the same format
local ranks = {
["pac3"] = true,
["owner"] = true,
["admins"] = true,
["superadmin"] = true,
    CustomCheckFailMsg = "Donators only",
hook.Add("PrePACEditorOpen", "PACRankRestrict", function(ply)
if not ranks[ply:GetUserGroup()] then
              return false,"Insufficient rank to use PAC."

I want to make it so if they buy PAC3 Package they have it permanently so when they buy another package it doesn't get removed.
General Chat & Help and Support / Re: ULX Group help
« Last post by iViscosity on June 10, 2022, 12:52:42 AM »
What do you mean you need to make a group for them to use PAC? If you're using something like Pointshop, you shouldn't need to make a new group iirc. If you're using your own custom shop, just use something like CheckGroup or IsUserGroup
General Chat & Help and Support / ULX Group help
« Last post by Shotz on June 10, 2022, 12:26:05 AM »
So, me and my friend have a store for our GMOD server. We want to make PAC3 buyable but to do that we need to make a group. The issue is, if someone buys a package that doesn't have PAC3 included they will be removed from that group and no longer have PAC3. What can I do? Is there anyway to make them have permanent features after buying?
Community Servers / The Cube RP | NEW JUST OPENED
« Last post by Mister on June 05, 2022, 12:31:37 PM »
Welcome to The Cube Roleplay
 We introduce a new custom darkrp based gamemode called "The Cube RP" its based on the 1997 movie called "The Cube", which consists of a group of people who get chosen to be placed inside the cube & whoever makes it out alive . Wins.  You're trapped in a bizarre and deadly labyrinth of cube-shaped rooms which you must navigate your way out of. But you must watch out for the boobie traps in some of the rooms! Once escaped from the Cube, you can then become a "Cube Foundation Guard" or "Administrator" or "Resistance Fighter" or a "Experimental monster".


Your job is to run the foundation & keep things in order, manage your guards / agents. Take in patients from The Cube to conduct experiments on them.

Cube Foundation Guards/Agents
The Guards / Agents both have kinda different roles. Agents can enter the cube via matrix through a SWEP called S.E.E. which they spawn with. This allows them to fly into the cube with wallhacks to see where everybody is. They are also invisible & godded while in this mode. Guards assist the Administrator in any activities he decides todo. Also while guarding the outside of the cube from Resistance fighters or Monsters.

These people are fighting & constantly trying to save the people trapped inside of the cube. They spawn outside near he entrance of the cube. While playing this job you can attack the foundation guards / assassinate the administrator.

Experimental Monsters
These are the creatures which the patients will turn into, if captured by the Administrator or Agents. You can also become them after you escape the cube a certain amount of times.
These monsters job is to attack / invade the cube foundation & eat the patients.

Come check us out!


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